Hosting a yearly conference is only possible thanks to a number of volunteers who work tirelessly attending to thousands of details. This year’s conference committee includes:

Conference Administrator: Leslie Gates


Artist Series (“Super Session”) Coordinators: 

Welcome & Registration Coordinator

Vendor Coordinator: Christine Besack

Awards Ceremony Coordinator:

Conference Program Coordinator:

RegOnline Coordinator:

Constant Contact/Website Designer: Kris Fontes

Proposal Review Coordinator:
Team members:

Technology Coordinators: 

Meal Coordinator: 

Off-site Event & Transportation Coordinators: 

Advertising Coordinators: 

Keynote Assistant: 

NAHS Exhibition Coordinator: 

Student Event Coordinator: Lisbeth Bucci   Team Member: 

Innovation Committee Coordinators: Amy Migliore & Lynn Yocum

Fundraising Coordinator:

Registration & Treasury: Amy Anderson

Members Mart & Roundtable: Kris Troxell

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