PAEA 2017 Call for Proposals

Proposals Due June 9, 2017


Proposal Submission Guidelines

Proposals are submitted online. Submitting your proposal online ensures that processing will be more efficient than submitting a paper copy. You will get an email saying we have received your proposal, then later an email saying whether the proposal has been accepted.

Online submission form (click here)


Presenters must provide their own technology as needed (laptop, extension cords, projectors, extra light bulbs, speakers, etc.). Last day to submit proposals is Friday, June 9th, 2017.

In order for your proposal to be considered for review, the following criteria must be met:

  • On-line submission form is completed
  • Proposal demonstrates relevance to conference theme and/or alignment with one or more of the NAEA Strategic Plan categories: Community, Advocacy, Learning, Research and Knowledge, Organizational Vibrancy.
  • A current (renewed) NAEA/PAEA membership number is REQUIRED for the lead presenter on each proposal.
In addition to basic presenter information, you will need to provide the following:
  • Session Title (10 words or less)
  • Main Objective of Session (what you hope this presentation will accomplish)
  • Short description for publication (30 words or less; this is what will get published underneath the title of your session in the conference program)
  • Detailed description of session (150 words or less; this will be read by those reviewing the proposals)
  • Intended audience (of the following choices: all, elementary division, middle division, secondary division, higher education division, retired division, administration/supervision division, students and young professionals.
  • Session category (of the following choices: best practice, hands-on demonstration, hands-on workshop, performance, research lecture, interactive discussion, panel presentation.
  •  Act 48 - Indicate your qualifications and interest in offering your presentation as act 48 hours for certified teachers. A set of questions will pertain to the eligibility of your session to be part of act 48 offerings.
Session Category Description Amount of Time
Best Practice Presentation Discussion of exemplary lessons, instructional practices, programs, and/or initiatives followed by Q&A 25 or 50 minutes
Hands-on Demonstration Demonstration of an artistic technique, arts-based method, or pedagogical approach. 25 or 50 minutes
Hands-on Studio Workshop Studio art-making session. If accepted, presenters will be reimbursed for materials up to $75 2 hour ticketed session
Performance Arts-based performance 25 or 50 minutes
Research Lecture Presentation of academic papers and/or discussion of research 25 or 50 minutes
Interactive Discussion/Roundtable Participatory discussion about art education issues/topics among presenter and attendees 25 or 50 minutes
  All proposals submitted for sessions are peer-reviewed and evaluated by members of the Proposal Review Committee. All proposals will be reviewed using a blind review process. In an effort to ensure state conference sessions are not repeated from year to year, the PAEA proposal review committee reserves the right to decline proposals that are a repeat of a session previously presented at a PAEA conference in the last five years. Notification of proposal acceptance/rejection will be sent via email by July 31, 2017. Please find below the scoring rubric used by the review committee and the points awarded for each:

Clarity of Purpose

Proposal provides a clear focus and defines a purpose or approach to process, concept, and/or subject matter. Clearly defines what participants will learn or experience. 5   Context clearly defined and focused on purpose, well-written and thoroughly described. Clearly describes context of best practices/technology/research. Reader can clearly tell what participants will learn or experience. 4   Reasonably defined, described, written, and focused. 3   Some description of practices/technology/research/etc. Some focus on purpose evident. 2   Difficult to understand context, description. Vague. 1   Not understandable. No context described.


Proposal provides relevance to conference theme, suitability for division/organization/issue/group, timeliness, and general interest level of topic. Supports mission of NAEA. 5   Clearly describes relevance to theme, suitability for division/organization/issue/group, timeliness, high interest level. 4   Reasonably relevant, suitable, timely. 3   Somewhat relevant, suitable, timely. 2   Major problems evident in suitability/relevance. 1   Not suitable to division/organization/issue/group, and not of interest to the arts education community.


Proposal clearly demonstrates innovation, context of best practices, logical and clear successes and/or failures of instructional practices, and thorough description. Promotes rigor, thought, and challenge. 5  Clearly demands attention and admiration; clear evidence of personal vision/style/innovation; clear use of best practices and reflection. 4  Stimulates attention and reasonable interest. Reasonable evidence of best practices. 3  Some evidence of personal vision/style, some evidence of best practices. 2  Lacks evidence of best practices, does not compel attention, vague. 1  Unappealing, lacks scholarly support for ideas.


If you have questions, contact Leslie Gates, PAEA Conference Administrator, at